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Avon Colorado USA
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Avon, Colorado is called the “heart of the Vail Valley”. Catchy, isn’t it? Also, very descript. As visitors travel along their way to the higher mountain resorts, they pass through this small valley town. Beaver Creek or Vail are only miles from Avon and, along with other resorts, vacationers just drive by without realizing they are passing a gem.

Affordable ski lodging, great restaurants, shopping and other conveniences are only part of the town’s appeal. At the heart of Avon is the beautiful Nottingham Lake. Here you can enjoy paddle boating and Standup Paddle Board in summer and ice skating in winter and year-round lakeside picnicking and elaborate playgrounds for the kids.

Kayakers enjoy Whitewater Park. Located under “Bob the Bridge,” the park’s water features are appropriately named, Baby Bob, Bob Jr., and Bob Sr. These courses offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced paddling opportunities. It’s just as much fun for onlookers as the participants. The courses are just a few blocks from town center, there is a spectator viewing terrace and large flat boulders along the river’s edge for seating! The 48-acre Harry A. Nottingham Park offers fun for the whole family. Rent a paddle boat, fish or swim in the lake, walk around the park, or just relax on the grass and bask in the sunshine. In addition, Avon offers a diverse line-up of vibrant arts, education and cultural events to enjoy at the Nottingham Park Pavilion and along the Main Street Mall.

Avon is a great place for both residents and visitors. Whether skiing, hiking, paddling the Eagle River or enjoying a leisurely day in town, you’ll find that launching your mountain adventures from Avon is easy and convenient.

With 6,500 year-round residents, plus another 3,500 part-time residents, Avon offers a small mountain town atmosphere with many amenities. Avon also offers a multitude of recreational opportunities, special events, parks, open space and trails, and a mix of local and national shops and restaurants.

So, instead of passing through, why don’t you make Avon, Colorado a vacation destination? It’s a beautiful town with a small town flair that is unmistakable. When traveling the high country, stop in and see us. We have a lot to offer.