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Baja California Norte Vacation Rentals

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It is easy to live and travel to Mexico because it is cheap. This is true also in vacation rentals. Here are some places in Baja, California Mexico.



Tijuana is located right across the border from San Diego. When people think of it, they often think of high crime and a huge party scene. Crime has lowered significantly though in past few years, and people have been rebuilding. New businesses and restaurants have formed, but get off the main drag, and you will find a different Tijuana. The blocks that neighbor the main drag is more calm with parks and shops that cater more to the local population. There is a large mall and a theater with one hundred eighty degree screen, as well as a bull fighting stadium.



There will be plenty of beautiful views and sunrises because it is right on the ocean. There are several wineries in the area, so make sure that you bring some bottles back to your vacation rental by owner. There are plenty of restaurants serving up authentic Mexican food such as octopus and beef tacos, so you will eat well without spending a lot.



There is a bull fight stadium. The art center is free, and it is full of local art. If you want an area of Mexico that is walkable from the US border that is not saturated with tourists, Mexicali is a good destination. You will be able to practice your Spanish, as you will be surrounded by friendly locals.


San Felipe

San Felipe is a popular destination for Canadians and Americans. The beaches offer beautiful views and a relaxing time in nature. The food is diverse and ranges from simple, homemade empenadas to as many courses as you want since the food is so cheap. Sometimes a souvenir seller will try to sell you something, and if you want it bad enough, do not be afraid to haggle.


Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe may be Mexico’s best kept secret because this region has the wineries that make the best Mexican wine. It is a foodie’s paradise too with Mexican dishes served such as chilaquiles, quail, and oysters. The roads are rugged, so it is important to make sure that you know where you are going.

Baja has been going through a cultural revolution and has overcome the bad reputation it once had. The region is definetely worth looking into for condo rentals and house rentals.