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Big Bear Lake California USA
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There are very few places in this great country of ours that can claim to be a true four season vacation destination. Big Bear Lake is such a place!!


Big Bear Lake is an exciting and friendly travel destination located in Southern California! At 7,000 feet above sea level, the air is crisp and the sun is brilliant. Interspersed throughout the San Bernadine Mountains you will find cabins, homes and condos that will allow you to experience the beauty of all four seasons.


Step outside your Big Bear Lake cabin or Big Bear Lake home for an early morning walk to get the blood flowing, and let that determine what you feel like doing. There are ziplines, biking and canoeing for the young or young at heart with plenty of energy and stamina.


If you consider a vacation a time to rest and relax, then go on a helicopter ride, or sit at the edge of Big Bear Lake and drown a worm (fish). If you really don’t want to do anything, call and request a massage, and after that, do nothing but absorb the grandeur of the Big Bear Lake landscape.


Go to the Village at Big Bear Lake to shop and dine. There are many, many places to eat and boutiques to browse that are owned by locals, which offer an intimate glimpse into the minds and lives of the residents. 


Big Bear Lake should be on your bucket list of places to visit. It offers everything for a perfect vacation.