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Just the name “Buenos Aires” brings images of beautiful women and men dancing the tango, an alluring and seductive dance originating in this bustling metropolis. It is hot and steamy has been described as 'making love in the vertical position'. That’s some description, uh?

Buenos Aires is much like the dance it spawned; captivating, seductive and always abuzz with energy so magnetic that you’ll be drawn like a moth to a candle.  It is a complex, energetic, and seductive port city that kisses the banks of the Rio de la Plata and has been called the gateway to Argentina for centuries.

Tourists and visitors travel here from across the continents to experience the soft underbelly of this large city. Business districts are similar in every major metropolis in the world with the exception of the architecture common to that region, but Buenos Aires has a certain glamour and, at the same time, a raw and gritty ambience that sets it apart. It is a city of high finance and industry similar to a mindset found in Europe mixed with, and complemented by the tempestuous heat of Latin America; two cities in one. This dual heritage is what makes Buenos Aires separate and distinct from other cities and countries you visit while on vacation.

The city is divided into distinct barrios, or neighborhoods, and each has a unique flavor as well as a different character.  These beautifully colorful old neighborhoods abound with romantic restaurants and amazing nightlife party bars.  It is almost too much to take in when you stroll around these barrios on foot, pausing to sit at a sidewalk café for a stimulating espresso or walk into a smoky bar and sample a local beer as the city pulsates and rushes past. Cafe Tortoni, the city's oldest bar, opened for business in 1858, and the impressive Teatro Colon looks just as it did in 1908 are two of the “must see” establishments in the city.

Buenos Aires offers everything under the sun to tantalize the taste buds. Five star dining and a hole in the wall eatery are sometimes in the same block and often next door. The diversity complements both.   Intercontinental cuisine is offered throughout the city. However, many vacationers prefer to experience the local fare.

Tourists and guests often come to Buenos Aires to experience Argentina’s version of a dude ranch. They are called estancias. There are a number of these traditional working ranches that offer visitors a chance to live life as the rural Argentineans live. As a guest in one of these estancias you will be treated like one of the family.  Usually these ranches have been owned for generations by the same family, and the family still earns a living by working the property; plus hosting visitors brings in additional income.  Now, this doesn’t mean you will be working. It means you will be sleeping in a guest bedroom surrounded by family artifacts while the faces of family ancestors stare down at you from ancestral portraits. The ranch is yours to roam on foot or horseback. It’s an unforgettable time!

Listen, there is simply too much offered to go into great detail about the many attributes of Buenos Aires. It’s a city of three million with the heart of a small villa. There is one thing for sure; if you vacation in Buenos Aires, you will be back.