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Chile Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Chile from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

Chile, the long and skinny country tucked in between the Andes and the Pacific is the best place for your vacation. It has a vast and diverse landscapes from the dry deserts found in the north to the volcanoes and the sandy coastal beaches to the glacial fields found in the southern part. This diversity makes it the perfect vacation spot for your whole family. You can enjoy a numerous activities from hikes in the scenic trails to wind surfing in the ocean. A treat for the whole family. Santiago the vibrant cosmopolitan city of the country is packed with cultural and historic attractions. The city features a number of museums including the National Historic Museum and also the Chilean Museum of Pre-Colombian Art where tourists spend hours taking in the art without losing interest. You can get vacation rentals in the city as you take it all in. 

The famous Easter Islands better known as Rapa Nui that are known for their 887 moai that dot the landscape is a must visit. Get to enjoy the Orongo ceremonial village recreation of the former island inhabitants. Get an unmatched view of the Rano Kau Volcano. If you love surfing, you will love Easter Island because it has powerful waves perfect for surfing. Venture through the ancient volcanic caves, lagoons and the sea cliffs.

The coastal city of Valparaiso may not be the capital of Chile, but it is the most popular among tourists. It has a hilly setting that give visitors breath taking views and an opportunity to take beautiful pictures. Because of the hilly setting, the town has stacked houses that are an architectural anomaly. You can spend hours wandering through the streets of the town and admiring the buildings. That is not all there is to Valparaiso as there are museums. Get a vacation rental by owner and enjoy the legendary night life of Valparaiso.

If you love the outdoors, spark your adventure spirit in Chile’s Lake District. It is a gorgeous region with a lush green landscape, blue lakes and snowcapped mountains. Get house rentals and condo rentals in the town of Pucon. Pucon is home of many outdoor adventure sports such as kayaking, trekking, rafting, mountain biking among others. If you love nature, make sure to make your way to the 150,000 acre national park that is home to 3 beautiful volcanoes and the most scenic hiking trails