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Cyprus Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Cyprus from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

Vacation Rentals in Cyprus

As the third largest island in the deep blue Mediterranean, Cyprus provides beauty, culture, and fantastic personal experiences for the entire family. New visitors or returnees can enjoy loukoumia (Cyprus delights), open air markets, authentic wines and foods, and tours of the ancient churches and homes that still possess their original furniture and decor. Visitors are able to gain a true sense of Cyprus' history while enjoying modern accommodations from local businesses and vacation rentals offered by private owners.

Visitors can look forward to all of the amenities of the modern world: shopping, golfing, fishing, water sports, and more, but with a view of a proud and ancient culture. 

Vacation Rental by Owner

Those seeking to vacation on the exotic Mediterranean island of Cyprus can take advantage of the privately owned rentals for the full Cyprus experience. This option negates the need to check into busy hotels that provide a generic experience. These homes provide a glimpse into authentic Cyprus living, including cultural norms, architecture, and home decor. Vacation rentals by the owners can come in the form of a house rentals, condo rentals, or even apartments. These rentals are generally available for nightly, weekly, or extended stay rentals.

House Rentals

Many of the private house rentals offer spacious living accommodations with patios or terraces and open floor plans that invite the surrounding landscape in, readily available in two and three bedroom homes. Private drivers can be hired for an evening out or an afternoon of wine tasting and private, licensed caregivers provide in-home care so mom and dad can have a night out. Local businesses offer authentic cuisine and fine dining with a traditional Cyprus flair for a fully native experience.

As an island, Cyprus also has gorgeous scenery and beautiful beaches to enjoy. Many privately owned homes feature pools, built on open patios that provide renters with front row seating to the breathtaking scenery around them as they swim or lounge privately. 

Condo Rentals in Cyprus

Condos in Cyprus can also serve as vacation rentals, offered by owners that love to provide an authentic experience. Vacationers that choose to stay in them can look forward to clean community pools, a scenic view of the beautiful Mediterranean, and close placement to local amenities. 

Whether spending the day at a spa or traveling the ancient roads to small villages where bread is still baked like it was hundreds of years ago, visitors should prepare for an amazing experience.