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Iceland Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Iceland from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

Iceland is s a Nordic country of vivid contrasts, where sunless winters are leavened by the summer’s midnight sun. Because of its icebergs and volcanoes, Iceland is known as the country of fire and ice.

Shimmering glaciers lie across its beautiful, scenic mountain ranges; hot geysers provide heat for many of the country’s homes and structures and the offshore Gulf Stream provides an incredibly mild climate for one of the northernmost places on the Earth. The pull of Iceland's rugged beauty has turned it into a popular destination for travelers.


If you plan to visit the country of fire and ice, be aware that there are many choices of vacation rentals in Iceland. You can rent a cottage, a cabin, or a luxury villa, in the center of the Golden Circle. Luxury abounds in Iceland, whether you choose, a house, or a condo as your vacation rental. There are many choices regardless of your budget. You will find a variety of condo rentals and house rentals, or you may prefer a vacation rental by owner.

Regardless of the type of accommodation you reserve, whether it is a condo rental, house rental or a vacation rental by owner, your vacation in Iceland will be one to remember.

Family Vacations

Iceland offers many attractions. You will dine at world-famous restaurants and enjoy great cuisine, such as Iceland salmon and King crab, and shop in the capital city for unique souvenirs.

You will find plenty of amusement for the entire family in Iceland:


  • Enjoy a rafting adventure over pristine blue waters
  • See the power and beauty of the arctic waterfalls.
  • Revel in the scenery of the Blue Lagoon; a geothermal spa in the middle of a field of lava.
  • Sail along the bank of Iceland’s longest fjord
  • View the miraculous auroras
  • Go to Jokulsarlon. It is the largest glacier lake in Iceland;  known for its crystal blue waters
  • Keep watch for the magnificent whales that swim in Icelandic waters.


Remember, beautiful, historic Iceland is the perfect choice for a unique vacation. Whether you rent a condo, a cabin, or a luxury villa, you will never forget your Icelandic getaway!