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Indonesia Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Indonesia from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

If you want to experience a real touch of exotic environment, Indonesia is the perfect destination to be. The cuisines are unique, and the residents are friendly and very welcoming to visitors. You will not find such meals anywhere else in the world. As you prepare to go and view the world most volcanic area and the only surviving dragons, you should make a reservation in advance. Study the weather patterns of Indonesia so that your vacation can be without any hassle.

There are numerous condos and vacation rental homes in Indonesia. There is no reason whatsoever that one will end up in a small hotel room for the whole week. The house rentals are located near the beaches and the lakes. They also come in different sizes and designs. Even if you go for a vacation as a family, you will find a vacation rental by owner. The properties are rented out by some Indonesian residents who are on vacation elsewhere. For couples on honeymoon, small condo rentals made of bamboo are perfect. The breeze is worthwhile, and the say beaches of Bali present a million activities.

Since Indonesia has over 170,000 islands, diving, fishing, and surfing and even riding a banana boat are some of the sports and adventure you will enjoy. If you are a diver, the Coral Triangle is the place to be. The area is home to 75 % of all the world’s coral species. The region is home to about 2,000 species of reef fish.

Traveling from one destination to another is easy. You are free to drive to the historic Borobudur Buddhist temple, but when moving from one island to another, the boats are plenty. Riding with the locals is always a memorable experience because the people of Indonesia are very warm and welcoming.

However, you may not need to travel from one place to another every day. There are vacation rentals in almost every region, which are frequented by tourists and vacationers. If you are going to the Komodo National Park and you would wish to stay there, you will find a house that is both exotic and luxurious.

As you plan to visit Mount Bromo or go to see the wild orangutans, always have it in mind that Indonesia experiences relatively cooler temperatures in the mountains, but at the beach, the temperature is always ranging from 21 to 33 degree Celsius. Jan and February are the coldest and wettest months while the peak season for tourists is between June and September. You can observe these peak seasons to know when the appropriate time to visit.