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Among one of the most beautiful international countries in the world, Italy is best known for not only it's boot shaped size on the globe but also for the Vatican; located in Rome. However, there is more to Italy than boots and big Catholic neighborhoods. Full of amazing sites, Italy is also home to some of the world's best cuisine, structures, and much more. This article will discuss some things to do while visiting Italy via a vacation rental by owner.

Things to Do

      Rather staying at one of the many condo rentals, house rentals, or any other vacation rentals available one thing that will want to be explored and enjoyed are the plethora of options to choose from when it comes to finding things to do. Deeply rooted in the arts, Italy is home to many of the greatest painters, sculptors, and architects known throughout the course of history. As such, there are several great museums that tourists and visitors alike can readily explore that cater to audiences who enjoy fine high-quality pieces. Additionally, places such as the Coliseum are sure to be of interest as the historical structure is a common place to visit.


      In addition to the many places to explore when looking for things to do while visiting Italy, entertainment is also in vast supply and Italy has several locations that host various events that range from concerts and every place in between. While it doesn't matter if staying in one of the many vacation rentals, condo rentals, or house rentals being a fan is enough to draw in the crowds; especially when drawn in by beautiful amphitheaters and other extravagant concert halls. For those who aren't into the concert scene, other entertaining options include a wide range of various festivals and sporting events including soccer, basketball, and much more. 

Eating Out

      Of course, one of the most enjoyable experience for any tourist is to try some of the local cuisines and when it comes to cuisine it can't get better than Italian. While pizza and other forms of pasta are placed at the head of the table there are many great treats in store that is sure to have the taste buds dancing for joy! While the initial roots of the Italian cuisine experience can be traced to 4th century BC overall the Italian cuisine has drawn inspiration from other world cuisines that include the Greek, Roman, and even Jewish cultures. 

      In conclusion, while Italy itself has a rich and exquisite history full of fun, fine art, unique experiences, and more visiting Italy takes things to an entirely different level. While there are many things to do while staying or living in Italy, the country is best known for being the home country of the Vatican. Although many people travel to this specific location other sites to take in while visiting include concert halls and amphitheaters (such as the Coliseum), a vast selection of tasty restaurants, and of course the wide selection of museums and the like. Of course, don't forget shopping before leaving the vacation rentals, house rentals, and condo rentals!