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Japan has a reputation for the massive, sprawling modern cities contrasted by picturesque, ancient locations. The big cities like Tokyo and tradition-filled places like Kyoto are well-known tourist destinations. However, the country has plenty to offer visitors outside of these frequently visited locales. There are adventure trips to be experienced and deep forests to be explored. The service-friendly economy offers hundreds of vacation rentals so that travelers can experience all the country has to offer and then rest in comfort.


The largest metropolis in the world by population, Tokyo is the heartbeat of the nation. Receiving thousands of foreign travelers per day, the city is well equipped to keep them entertained whether they arrive for business or pleasure. The Tokyo Disney Resort is a prime destination for families travelling to the city. Others opt to take in the local shopping downtown in Akihabara and Shinjuku, or sample the nightlife in Roppongi. You can hit the beach in Yokohama. If golf is your bag, there are nearly 2,500 golf courses in the metropolitan area. All these locations are packed with condo rentals and house rentals with all the modern conveniences.


Osaka is the second largest (or third, depending on how you count) metropolis in Japan. The character of the citizens and of the city itself provides travelers with a completely different experience than Tokyo. Whereas Disney anchors the amusement park scene in Tokyo, Universal Studios Japan is in Osaka. Golf is just as popular in Osaka as elsewhere in Japan. The seaport city offers a world-renowned aquarium, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, for those interested in ocean life. Osakans pride themselves on being more open and funny than their Tokyo counterparts, and they will show you in their restaurants and nightclubs.


Some consider Kyoto to be the cultural center of Japan. It was the nation’s original capital and home to some of the first Buddhist and Shinto shrines. In WW II, even the US government recognized its importance when it removed the city from the list of places to be hit with atomic weapons. Those who travel there seek to visit one of the 2,000 shrines, many of which are designated as World Heritage Sites.

Northern Japan

If skiing is your thing, Japan won’t disappoint. Head to the northern cities of Sapporo or Nagano; anywhere in the Hokkaido prefecture. Lodging abounds there. You’ll find hundreds of vacation rentals and house rentals in the area.

Japanese Vacation Rental By Owner

This only scratches the surface of things to do when in Japan. If you go, you’ll be welcomed and you’ll find a selection of vacation rentals to make your trip a comfortable one.