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Located on the quiet island of Molokai, the Kaluakoi area is a hidden gem along the Hawaii coast, known for its serenity, rich Old Hawaiian atmosphere and spectacular oceanic surroundings. No cruise ships stop here and there are no chain resorts; yours will be the only footsteps left on the stretches of white sand beach. Tucked away among the lush, tropical wildlife are luxurious Kaluakoi resorts, secluded Kaluakoi rentals and Kaluakoi condos and bungalow-style vacation houses in Kaluakoi ready to host an ideal island vacation for the few lucky visitors who discover this Hawaiian treasure. Revel in the surfing, swimming, fishing and authentic Hawaiian dining abundant on this little island but most of all relax into the tranquil seclusion that is characteristic of these peaceful, picturesque shores. Soak in the spectacular scenery surrounding your Kaluakoi condo rental, the shimmering, endless ocean and the sunsets with windswept palm trees silhouetted starkly against  skies ablaze in glories of scarlet and gold. So what are you waiting for? Rent an inviting Kaluakoi house rental or condo in Kaluakoi along a secluded stretch of sand and escape to this island paradise for your once in a lifetime Kaluakoi vacation.

What to Do near Your Kaluakoi Rental or Kaluakoi Condo

Kaluakoi vacation rentals, Kaluakoi resorts, Kaluakoi condo rentals and vacation houses in Kaluakoi are never far from an abundance of relaxing and uniquely Hawaiian activities to fill your dream Kaluakoi vacation with memories that you will cherish forever. Sneak out of your Kaluakoi condo as the sunrises and go for an early morning swim in the deep water of the west side of Dixie Maru. As you walk back along the secluded beach to your private Kaluakoi house rental, you may spot a whale or two in the glistening water – a stunning sight you will never forget. An abundance of surfing, fishing, kayaking snorkeling and diving opportunities are also at your fingertips from any one of the vacation houses in Kaluakoi. If you are feeling adventurous, venture from your peaceful condo in Kaluakoi and take the ferry to Maui for a fun day trip. Most of the time though, you will want to be exploring the glorious, unspoiled wilderness of tropical wildlife and wide, empty beaches right out the back door of your Kaluakoi vacation rental or condo in Kaluakoi.

Kaluakoi Vacation Rentals

Although Kaluakoi is more of a hidden haven than a bustling tourist attraction, there is nevertheless a variety of beautiful Kaluakoi rentals for visitors of this spectacular, tropical retreat to choose from. If you want the luxury of extreme privacy in addition to the indulgence of excellent service and lovely amenities, book a room at one of the extravagant Kaluakoi resorts overlooking the ocean and enjoy being pampered. Or choose a lovely Kaluakoi condo nestled among the palm trees, where you will be but a walk away from Papohaku Beach, the longest beach in Hawaii. No matter which Kaluakoi house rental you choose to stay at, the beautiful area of Kaluakoi is ready to make your vacation dreams come true.