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Keystone Colorado USA
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Keystone, Colorado is a quaint little town located 9300 feet above sea level. With views of peaks towering over 12,000 feet, Keystone is ideally situated to give tourists and guests a wonderful four season experience.  Keystone has very upscale, high-end spas, athletic events, and restaurants that cater to vacationers looking for a luxury vacation. However, if you’re on a budget, do not fret, there are also accommodations available for a more affordable getaway, with plenty of specials and discounts thrown in to save a buck or two.

So, why would you come to Keystone to vacation? Keystone is predominantly a winter destination and the economy is supported by the skiing industry. The locals cater to the wants and whims of those coming to vacation.

Keystone offers 3 mountains for skiing and entertainment: Dercum Mountain, North Peak and The Outback. Because there are over 3,100 acres of skiable trails, Keystone has an amazing assortment of terrain, depending on your level of expertise.

What compliments a long day on the slopes? An appetite, of course, and Keystone is home to many award winning restaurants and eateries. If you have a discriminating palate, you will not be disappointed with the selection of Keystone dining choices. Obviously, there is an abundance of steak houses; you need the protein to attack the slopes, right? Don’t limit yourself, however, to just beef. Many of the best restaurants are locally owned and the fare is prepared much like the locals prefer it. If you have a flair for international cuisine, that’s also represented with 4 and 5 star establishment. Be it Italian, Chinese, French American, European, Mexican, Seafood, Steak: all are represented in Keystone.

Although not quite as strenuous, the summer months are also very entertaining. Cool temperatures and low humidity make for a delightful outdoor experience. Keystone, Colorado is also famous for summer festivals. There’s the Bacon & Bourbon Festival, the Wine and Jazz Festival, the River Run Art Festival, the Bluegrass and Beer Festival, the Mountain Town Music Festival, and the Keystone Oktoberfest Festival, and all are featured from June through September.

Don’t forget that!! Keystone has events and activities from January to December, not just skiing. Got it?? Good!! Now, put Keystone, Colorado on your “must see” vacation bucket list.

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