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“Relentless Sun” conjures up mental images of a blazing orb baking down on the wasteland of a forgotten desert, an inescapable heat that is tormenting in its unrelenting heat. So, it makes one wonder why a place as lovely as Lahaina would ever be called that. Believe it or not, Lahaina was once named Lele, which means “relentless sun” in the Hawaiian language. I’m sure there was once a reason, but the answer as long passed. Go figure, right?

Not only was Lahaina once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom in the early nineteenth century, but it was also a whaling village. During the whaling boom of the mid-1800’s as many as 1,500 sailors would come ashore on leave in Lahaina. As a matter of fact, Herman Melville, the author of the classic novel Moby Dick, was one of these sailors.

Lahaina is a preferred vacation destination of history buffs of the Pacific islands. Today, Lahaina is on the National Register of Historic Places because an effort was made to preserve some of the old. Although modernization as erased much of Maui historic sites, a sense of old Lahaina is present as you stroll down lively Front Street and visit historic stops like the U.S. Seamen’s Hospital, Hale Paaho,  the Pioneer Inn and other sites on the Historic Trail. Approximately 55 acres of old Lahaina have been set aside as historic districts.

Lahaina offers many, many activities and events and all are within close proximity to your Lahaina rental. If you’re in physically ready, you can take surfing lessons. Too strenuous? No problem; throw a leg over the saddle and  take a horseback ride through the rich, tropical wilderness and finish galloping along the beach. Many vacationers and tourists find pleasure in wandering through the Historic District, which is a National Historic Landmark, by the way and soak up some of the local history and vibrant Hawaiian culture while you’re at it; there are also a number of other historic sites not too far from your Lahaina vacation rental, including the 1800s era fort, historic Pioneer Inn and Baldwin House. Something to note, Lahaina’s Front Street has been named one of the “Top Ten Greatest Streets” so don’t miss visiting this sparkling center of West Maui’s dining, shopping, entertainment and nightlife before heading home to your Lahaina condo rental for the night. Although there is more to do than lie on the beach and soak up some tropical rays, let’s face it, that’s the main reason people come on vacation. So allow plenty of time for relaxing on the world famous Ka’anapali Beach.