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“Dam the river; make the power” was a cry heard throughout the U.S. in the 1930’s. Anywhere there was a convenient place to dam the river, they dammed the river. Unlike today’s engineers, the men who designed and constructed the many dams across America were not as forward looking. There were no governmental hoops to jump through or possibly endangered species that may be affected. These gentlemen saw a problem and addressed it. Hamilton was created in 1932 when the Arkansas Power and Light Co. completed Carpenter Dam on the Ouachita River to generate electricity. Over the years and decades, Lake Hamilton has become a vacation destination and today, the 7,460-acre impoundment is one of Arkansas's most popular recreational and residential lakes.

Widely known for the fish that dwell in the lake, sportsmen from all over the world travel here to test their skills. The climate and water condition are almost perfect for catching trophy sized fish. For example, Arkansas’s striped bass record fell twice in March 1997. First, a 53-lb., 9-oz. striper was caught. Four days later, a striper weighing 53 pounds, 13 ounces was caught. Both record fish came from Lake Hamilton. Although the record has since been broken and the honors go to a nearby lake, in March of 2010, the record nearly fell again to a Lake Hamilton angler who pulled in a striper weighing in at 61lb 10oz. Not only that but just a few days after that massive striped bass was reported, a giant Lake Hamilton largemouth bass was reported, just shy of the state record at over 14 pounds. So, it’s safe to say that it’s not uncommon to catch not only full grown striped bass but also large and small mouth bass as well as flat fish, such as crappie.

 Today much of Lake Hamilton is populated with condominiums, resorts, motels, restaurants and rental homes. These condominium and vacation home rentals allow you to enjoy the comforts of spacious vacation living at rates comparable to the cost of typical hotel rooms in Hot Springs, a nearby resort town.

 If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or corporate retreat, follow the millions of visitors to Lake Hamilton, Arkansas and discover the incomparable comfort and convenience of vacation.

Don’t forget Lake Hamilton, Arkansas when planning a vacation destination. There’s something to do and enjoy for the whole family.