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Malaysia Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Malaysia from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

Southeast Asia is a true gem for those looking to score inexpensive vacation opportunities. Malaysia in particular is one of the best as its prices are often comparable to those in Thailand, just with less tourist traffic. From exceptional shopping to world class beaches and golf resorts, vacation rentals throughout Malaysia ensure travelers from around the world will enjoy themselves, either on the peninsula or the Malaysian island. 

What Malaysia Offers Families

From breathtaking national parks to some of the best shopping opportunities in the region, there is much to love about Malaysia. For visitors exploring the country in December, there is a national sale that takes place. Nearly every store runs special mark downs, thanks to the government's push to increase shopping for both locals and tourists alike (it also brings in individuals from neighboring Singapore). 

The Gunung Gading National Park is a true beauty for anyone who enjoys exotic wildlife (including both plants and animal life). Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre has been open since the 1960s and works with orphaned orangutans that have been affected by illegal hunting and the increased rubber plantations that push the animals out of their natural habitats. The Batu Caves  is a must as well, thanks to its location near Kuala Lumpur. Speaking of Kuala Lumpur, some of the best condo rentals are found here, in the nation's capital. With world class dining and shopping, it is an excellent destination. Plus, there are several popular golf courses all within a short drive of the city outskirts. 

Tropical Life

For families looking for house rentals around topical destinations, there is plenty to take in throughout Malaysia. With endless stretches of coastline, there is always somewhere new and exciting to take in. Redang Island is a fantastic destination for anyone who loves the beach, as snorkeling in the clear blue waters is a fun pastime. Perhentian Island is another breathtaking beach getaway. It has a mix between Southeast Asia and British Colony feel to it. For those who want a vacation rental by owner, there are some fantastic spots here. Of course, other beachfront and island destinations throughout Malaysia ensure there is always a waterfront property available for rental). Langkawi and Pulau Tioman are two such destinations.

Away From it All

For those who want to break free of the traditional beach vacations, spots including the Cameron Highlands (where tea is a major production crop) is a fantastic place to stop and visit.