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Martinique Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Martinique from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

As a French outpost in the middle of the Caribbean, Martinique offers a little bit of Europe in paradise.  For the traveler or tourist, the beautiful island is full of exciting activities and sights.  As for housing, Martinique has extensive opportunities for house rentals, condo rentals, and vacation rental by owner.

For the water lovers among us, few beaches in the world compare to those in the Caribbean, and those in Martinique are some of the best.  As a bonus, many of the vacation rentals and house rentals in Martinique are in very close proximity to the beaches and coastline.

One absolute must for any visitor to the island is sampling the unique cuisine that fuses European and Caribbean influences, among others.  One local favorite is called Colombo, a curry-like dish that reflects an Asian influence as well.  Local markets are popular with residents and outsiders alike.  These markets and other attractions are often within easy walking distance of house rentals, condo rentals, and vacation rental by owner.

Visitors are often surprised by the extent of the French cultural influence on the island that serves as their overseas territory.  French fashion and other products are easily found throughout the island.  The French language is the most widely spoken language.  The euro is the currency used, as it is in much of Europe, including France.  Though vacation rentals, condo rentals, and house rentals are purchasable with other currencies, you will need euros to get around the island.

Outdoor activities are also very popular with tourists in Martinique.  The largest attraction by far is Mount Pelee, famous for its history – an eruption destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre in 1902 – as well as the breathtaking views from the top.  Imagine 360 degree views of the ocean from atop an island paradise.  Though vacation rentals are less available on that part of the island, many tours depart from other areas.

If swimming is your passion, the east side of the island includes the White Shoals, famous for its one meter deep water that allows a person to wade waist-deep across the beautiful, warm water.  Wherever you choose to go on the island and whatever you choose to do, you are never far from the vacation rentals, condo rentals, and house rentals the island has to offer.