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Mineral Bluff, GA, USA

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Back in the day Mineral Bluff, Georgia was a “go to” vacation destination. Located up on the Tennessee-Georgia line, the well-to-do would travel from Atlanta, Knoxville, Chattanooga and other cities from around the country to soak in the healing waters of Mineral Bluff. Fortunately, the railroad line ran right through this small burg.

These out of town visitors erected beautiful summer homes and lived with the locals all the while soaking in the mineral springs and feeling rejuvenated. Eventually the popularity faded, and mineral baths became passé. The wealthy summer visitors left to find other vacation destinations leaving behind a quiet community of local residents, oh, and some really nice homes.

Today, the two hundred or so Mineral Bluff residents lead fairly simple lives.  The town is nothing more than a little crossroads; it is so small that it does not even have a stop light. Mineral Bluff still has a historic depot, an old church that's still has a preacher and congregation, and a post office located in one of the town's historic structures. Located both in town and scattered around the small surrounding valley are a few other historic buildings left in the Mineral Bluff area, mostly privately owned historic homes that represents Mineral Bluffs' finest days as a thriving community.

A visit to Mineral Bluff definitely needs to be one of your stops if you are vacationing in the Georgia Mountains. Some stay for a day and some stay for a month, but all are glad they came.