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There are three reasons to go to Napa, California and they are wine, wine, and wine. That’s right; Napa is world renown for wine and is the premier vacation destination in America and the fourth in the world for those who love the fruit of the vine. Over 5,000,000 tourists and vacationers journey to Napa and the surrounding valleys to experience the flavors of the various wines and the vineyards in which they are produced. As a matter of fact, vacationers who travel to wine countries throughout the world are now called enotourists.  Enotourism, Oenotourism, Wine tourism, or Vinitourism refers to a form of tourism specifically dedicated to the tasting, consumption or purchase of wine, often at or near the source of production.  Enotourism consists of visits to wineries, tasting wines, vineyard walks, or even taking an active part in the harvest. When translated, Napa means “land of plenty”.

Napa Valley contains over 400 unique and special wineries. Every kind of winery is found in Napa, from the famous wine cellars to fantastic family owned wineries. If this is your first time visiting the Valley or an experienced wine connoisseur, the friendly locals are very accommodating and eager to assist you while you stay and be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Downtown Napa is home to many wine tasting rooms, flavorful bistros, bakeries and restaurants run by renowned chefs. There has been an amazing renovation happening in the downtown area over the past several years. There are over 50 restaurants in this area offering every kind of cuisine imaginable ranging from burgers to local California cooking to 5 star dining events and 18 wine tasting rooms.

There is no better place to learn about the wines you like than Downtown Napa, home to a great selection of wine tasting rooms within walking distance. Ask about the Downtown Taste Card which allows you to park and enjoy a wine tasting stroll and is valid all year. If you are a serious, hard core wine taster, this is perfect if you are staying a few days. Locals and semi locals who visit the valley a few times a year use this taste card because it is excellent for cost conscious connoisseurs.

Between amazing meals and wine tastings, there are endless things to do in Napa. The city's vibrant downtown offers opportunities to stroll, nosh and shop, from the West End to the scenic River Walk. The Opera House, built in 1879 was considered to be one of the first establishments west of the Mississippi River to offer class and style. 70 retail outlets are now located and operating in the downtown area featuring national chains and small locally owned outlets.

Napa, California and the valleys are interesting and alluring. There’s an ethereal sense of contentment, happiness and well-being as you travel through the valley and visit the many wineries. Or-it may be wine you’ve already tasted. Who knows? Who cares? Come see us.