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The Netherlands, which is also commonly referred to as Holland, is a country located in Western Europe.  It is bordered by Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea.  The county has a population of around 17 million people, but is also a very popular tourist destination.  Overall, more than 13 million people come to the Netherlands for tourism every year, many of which come from Germany.  There are several key attractions that keep bringing people back to the country. 


One of the main reasons why people come to the country is to visit the city of Amsterdam and take in all of the exciting options it has to offer.  The city is well known for having a great nightlife scene, restaurants, shops, and plenty of other tourist attractions.  One particular popular spot for tourists to visit in Amsterdam includes the world-famous Heineken Brewery, which provides tours and a fun tasting room for anyone that likes beer.  For those that are coming to Amsterdam, it would be a good idea to consider a vacation rental by owner.  These vacation rentals are located all over the best areas of the city and will provide you with more comfort than other housing options.

National Parks 

While The Netherlands is considered a densely populated country full of big cities, it also has many national parks for people that enjoy nature.  The national parks have been reestablished in recent years and now bring in millions of people annually that enjoy the flaura and fauna, spending time outside, and seeing wild animals in their natural habitats.  This includes the world-famous tulip gardens, which are found in several of the most popular parks.  Those that are looking to visit the national parks should consider at one of the house rentals near the national parks that provide an easy and convenient way of accessing the park entrance. 

Historical Landmarks

Those that enjoy history will also enjoy spending time seeing all of the landmarks that are located around the Netherlands.  Many of the buildings that are located in the major cities, including Amsterdam and Rotterdam, date all the way back to the early 1900s.  There are also several windmills, lighthouses, and castles around the country that have even longer histories.  Many condo rentals in the country are located in the heart of these historical zones, which makes it easy to get to the top attractions.