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The private wonder of a remote tropical island with the modern luxuries of a high-end vacation—that is what awaits you at North Captiva Island resort. Famous for its five miles of sandy white beaches that are literally covered with ornate seashells from the ocean’s depth, your North Captiva Island vacation takes you to a most wondrous place. Secluded, remote and bordering a 700-acre state land reserve, the beaches of North Captiva Island resort are some of the most private and unpopulated along the Florida coast.

One of the most exciting parts of your North Captiva Island condo rental is how you make your entrance on the island! Part of the charm of its remote location is that North Captiva Island resort is only accessible by ferryboat or private planes.  You will feel like a celebrity coming to your private oasis as you settle into your North Captiva island condominium or your very own vacation house in North Captiva Island.

Historic Legends Surround Your North Captiva Island Rental

With a rich history that includes original occupation by the fierce Calusa Indian tribe, your North Captiva Island house rental is surrounded by legends of yesterday.  Over many generations, the island has been populated by gold seeking Spaniards and pirates seeking refuge from the seas. In fact, legend has it that Jose Gaspar, a pirate infamous for imprisoning captives on the island, was the inspiration for the island’s name.

Natural Beauty Surrounds Your North Captiva Island Rental

With such unspoiled beaches, a North Captiva Island rental is ideal for the serious shell collector. Whether combing for the perfect shell on the barrier island of Cayo Costa or discovering an oceanic treasure right near your very own North Captiva Island house rental, you will find keepsakes that will last a lifetime. A North Captiva vacation also allows you the opportunity to explore the amazing natural wonder on the island’s preserve. Near most all North Captiva vacation rentals, you can also indulge in nature and history cruises.

North Captiva Island Rental Includes Outdoor Sporting Adventure

Taking full advantage of your natural surroundings near your North Captiva Island rental, you and your family can indulge in a wide array of recreational fun on the island. From snorkeling to fishing and diving, a vacation house in North Captiva Island gives you endless opportunities for water sports. The beauty of the island is also a wondrous sight from any chartered boat excursion, with many tours available for fishing, nature and sunset cruises—a perfect way to view the beauty of North Captiva island resort.

Every Condominium in North Captiva Island Close to Aquatic Wonders

Close on the shoreline of your vacation house in North Captiva Island or your North Captiva Island condo, you can be part of nature and swim in close proximity to dolphins, sea otters and manatees. Or if you want to dive a bit deeper, certified SCUBA diving enthusiasts can discover the artificial reef of the Gulf of Mexico, just one of the many oceanic experiences that come with a North Captiva Island condo rental.

North Captiva Island Condo and House Rentals Provide Peaceful Retreat

Even though it has garnered a reputation for its low-key lifestyle, your North Captiva vacation rental is near several gourmet restaurants as well as an island grocer that provides everything you need. For the romantic couple or group gatherings, you can pick up anything you need at a local grocer and plan the perfect cookout right in front of your condominium in North Captiva Island or your very own North Captiva Island house rental. With natural landscapes, unspoiled beauty and one of the most pristine beaches anywhere in Florida, North Captiva Island is the resort vacation of a lifetime.