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North Dakota Vacation Rentals

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Stretching more than 70,000 square miles to the Canadian border, North Dakota is the northernmost state in the Midwest.  The wide open, infinite vistas and crystal blue skies of the Great Plains with bison roaming wild are emblematic of North Dakota, but there is also fertile farmland in the Red River Valley in the eastern part of the state as well as substantial hills and buttes in the western part of the state. While a majority of North Dakota is semi-arid prairie, there is a surprising amount of lakes and rivers with rental cabins ready to host your next North Dakota family vacation getaway. These waterways have made North Dakota a world class fishing destination, but locals and visitors alike enjoy a wide variety of other North Dakota vacation activities like swimming, water skiing, and canoeing. It is one of the last domains where a person can truly get away from it all while on vacation.

North Dakota’s Rich History

The lands of North Dakota have a deep, rich history that pre-dates the founding of the United States of America. Lewis and Clark famously met the remarkable young Native American woman Sacagawea of the Shoshoni tribe at Fort Mandan, North Dakota in 1808. Hired as a guide, Sacagawea quickly became essential to the expedition for her vast knowledge of the land as well as her ability to communicate as a Native translator and negotiator. Today, Mandan welcomes visitors on to the newly remodeled Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. There are fascinating exhibits of local Native American artifacts and fun, interactive, multi-media displays that children of all ages will find interesting. Feel like you are stepping back in time at the reconstructed Fort Mandan. Mandan is located along I-94 near capital city Bismarck, a great central location for your North Dakota vacation rental.

At the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, seven tribes inhabited what is now known as North Dakota. Today, Native Americans comprise five percent of the state’s population and most reside on one of five reservations located throughout North Dakota. Tourists flock to the reservations for their entertaining casinos and fabulous North Dakota resorts. Near these casinos you can find some of the most luxurious North Dakota vacation rentals and hotel suites.  

Each of the nations is proud of their history and excited to share it with you on your next North Dakota vacation. Native American heritage centers are also part of a larger tourist attraction which ensures great memories of your North Dakota vacation for everyone. For instance, Bonanazaville, USA, in West Fargo is a 12-acre pioneer prairie reenactment village and museum. Pioneer Days is just one of their popular annual events. It includes great activities like a Powwow, tepees, a petting zoo, and horse drawn wagon rides. Reserve your North Dakota vacation home in Fargo and have easy access to all the great attractions in the area.

North Dakota Is an Outdoor Oasis

 Vacation is a time to reconnect with nature, yourself, and your family. Out in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, there will be a whole different pace to your North Dakota vacation. Stretching 110 square miles across North Dakota’s Badlands, it is home to bison, wild horses, deer, elk, long horns, coyote, prairie dogs, snakes and golden eagles. Enjoy a 36-mile scenic drive and have your own private Great Plains safari tour as you watch the bison graze right next to the road. Make day trips from your North Dakota vacation rental and experience wildlife even more intimately by hiking some of the more than 100 miles of trails. Go camping at one of the national park’s three campgrounds. Canoeing, bicycling, horseback riding, bird watching, and cross country skiing and snowshoeing are also fun activities to try during your North Dakota vacation.  

Take a deep breath, listen to the wind rustling through the trees, and cast your line. Gorgeous lakes as clean as the fresh fallen snow are yours to explore on your North Dakota vacation. Stretching more than 160 miles, it is easy to find both a North Dakota vacation house and a secluded fishing spot all your own on Lake Sakakawea and enjoy the world class walleye. Rent a vacation house in northeastern North Dakota and fish year round on Devil’s Lake. With a golf course, casino, and speedway, it is the perfect North Dakota vacation destination. Enjoy one of the luxury North Dakota resorts or get away from it all in a North Dakota vacation home.