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Oceanside California USA
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Between San Diego and Los Angeles is the third largest city in the San Diego county: Oceanside. As the name implies, this oceanfront city borders the Pacific Ocean and such shows in their community. This playful area boasts gorgeous weather year-round, making it the perfect getaway no matter what season you’re trying to escape! The city’s 3.5-miles of beach is right in the center of many of California’s major attractions making your vacation rental here the perfect hub for your Californian vacation! 

Inside Oceanside, you’ll find a beach on the ocean that you can spend your days at relaxing or swimming. There’s also the Oceanside Pier, which is one the longest piers on the west coast at 1942 feet. This pier is a popular fishing spot and a great way to just relax with nothing but water around you. The historic district of Mount Ecclesia is known for its singular architecture and preservation of gardens and nature grounds. There are also plenty of museums here too, if you are interested in learning more about the city, like the Oceanside Surf Museum! 

If you want to see all of what California has to offer you will have to leave the city limits. But Oceanside is within driving distance of many of the biggest attractions. The San Diego Zoo is only an hour south, but this world-renowned zoo will be well worth the drive. That also includes all the rest of San Diego you can go and explore. You’ll find Legoland about 20 minutes south. You’ll be able to step back and remember how you grew up playing with Legos and unleash your inner kid again. To the north in Anaheim is the famous Disneyland. This hour drive will be worth every second as you experience a day that only Disney can offer. Oceanside is the perfect spot to experience everything California has to offer!