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Ohio Vacation Rentals

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There’s a reason that Ohio has been nicknamed “The Heart of America.” An Ohio vacation provides you with the opportunity to explore many parts of the American way of life, from a stay at a lakefront Ohio rental, a day of exploring in Amish Country, or the thrill of exciting new technology. There’s plenty to do in the nearly 50,000 square miles that make up the Buckeye State.

Ohio is beautiful at any time of the year, with snow forming a blanket on the ground in the winter and the sun shining endlessly during the summer. When fall comes around, you can enjoy the beautiful view of autumn leaves from one of the many Ohio resorts or state parks. Many Ohio vacation rentals are also delightful accommodations when the spring flowers bloom. There are so many elements to this state that make it a fantastic place to spend a Midwest getaway.

The Heart of History

When experiencing your fantastic Ohio vacation, you will find that Ohio prides itself in its rich history. The 17th state to join the union, Ohio has grown to embrace its heritage. It doesn’t matter if you stay in an Ohio house rental at the top of the state or an Ohio resort at the bottom, Ohio’s history is key in every region in this Buckeye State.

Perhaps you’d like to stay at a fabulous Ohio condo in southwestern Ohio. There, you can turn back time to the 1800s and explore the Underground Railroad. Ohio’s town of Springboro has plenty of safe houses for you to discover. Staying at an Ohio vacation rental in southeast Ohio allows you to unlock the key to Ohio’s role in the Space Race. The charming village of New Concord is home to the John and Annie Glenn Museum. A different type of history can be explored in northeastern Ohio: the history of Rock and Roll. Ohio’s famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can be found in the exciting city of Cleveland. Central Ohio is home to the historic town of Dublin, Ohio, where the Irish culture can be found in every corner. Northwestern Ohio is home to some of Ohio’s most interesting old forts.  From North to South, East to West, there’s so much learning for you to discover.

The Heart of Beauty

What’s more relaxing and breathtaking than staying at a beautiful lakefront Ohio condo rental at Kelley’s Island or stay at a condominium in Ohio at one of the many state parks? The nature and beauty that guests will find when exploring the Buckeye State is endless. Picturesque settings for your perfect Ohio getaway can be found all over the state.

Many may argue that the perfect vacation house in Ohio exists at Put-N-Bay. You can take a ferry over to this island to experience the beauty of the lakeside, all while enjoying nightlife, bicycle rides, and lobster bisque. Waterfalls, towering trees, and gorgeous hiking trails await you at Hocking Hills. Staying at an Ohio condo rental near this state park is quite the adventure. You can experience a thrilling canopy tour while taking in the beauty of nature. Perhaps you’d like to stay in an Ohio condominium near Serpent’s Mound. This attraction proves that Native Americans had an eye for art and beauty. However, part of the beauty staying in an Ohio rental is the fun.

The Heart of Thrill

Ohio is known for its thrilling attractions such as roller coasters and water slides, but did you know that Ohio has even more to offer? You may want to stay at an Ohio house rental near some of these popular attractions. You’ll have confirmed that the fun never stops when you’re staying at an Ohio condo rental.

Nothing beats staying at a beautiful vacation house in Ohio right along Lake Erie, but having Cedar Point nearby is also a major plus. America’s Roller Coast remains one of the most awarded, fun, and thrilling amusement parks in the world. Another famous amusement park awaits you near Cincinnati: the exciting King’s Island. You may also want to stay at a condominium in Ohio near the fabulous Columbus Zoo. Jack Hanna’s crown jewel offers wild adventures for the whole family. You are also encouraged to spend time outside of your Ohio condo rental at The Wilds, a wonderful animal preserve in Muskingum County. From an Ohio house rental to a waterpark resort, there’s plenty to do in The Heart of America.