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Poland has a hard history, but it has bounced back to become one of the best destinations to live and vacation in the world. It is well worth to find a vacation rental by owner in Poland. Here is what Poland has to offer:


Malbork is most famous for its castle that used to be Teutonic headquarters. It contains the largest brick castle, and it has been restored since its destruction in World War II. Throughout history, the city of Lublin has defended Poland against invaders. The city of Taran escaped bombing during World War II, so some architecture from the middle ages can still be seen.

The most somber parts of history that can still be seen today include Auschwitz, the most notorious concentration camp in World War II. Warsaw itself was destroyed by bombings and was the scene of two uprisings. It has all been rebuilt since the war.

Bialowieza Forest

This forest is a forest that once covered most of Europe. Since it borders Belarus, tourists can get through border crossings on foot or bike. European bison are only found here, along with other, more common wildlife, such as deer. Tours are available with horse drawn carriages.


Soccer is the most popular sport in Poland with each town and city having its own club. Sometimes the rivalries can get fierce, but if you love soccer, going to a Polish soccer game is something that you will never forget. If you cannot see a game live, there are bars near all of the vacation rentals. A lesser known sport that is loved by some of the Polish people is ice yachting, where boats race on ice.

Food and drink

A meat lover’s paradise in Warsaw is Stary Kamienica. Wild boar and steak tartare are the stars of the menu. If you are eating with a large group, Prodiz Warszawski is a good choice. The staff is very accommodating and offer a nice selection of dishes for larger groups. Also in Warsaw, the name sake of Poland’s most famous food can be found-Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi can be found. The pirogies are large and filled with one of the filling choices from the menu.


Poland is a very affordable country for living and visiting. It will not be hard to find house rentals or condo rentals near all of the excitement that Poland has to offer without breaking your budget.