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Portugal Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Portugal from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

Portugal is a beautiful European country that is bordered by Spain to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.  Despite being rather small in size compared to other countries in Western Europe, Portugal continues to be one of the most visited countries in the world as more than 21 million people come to the country for leisure on an annual basis.  There are many different key attractions that keep people coming back to the country.

Historical Landmarks and Buildings

One of the best reasons to visit Portugal is to take in its culture and history.  Overall, Portugal has 15 sites throughout the country that are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.  These sites include statues, town squares, former castles, and other sites of historical significance.  For someone that is coming into the country, there are plenty of vacation rentals by owner that are located in the same cities as these sites.  These house rentals can provide you with a comfortable and convenient place to stay while you are enjoying Portugal’s unique history.

Wine Region

Over the past two decades Portugal has continued to develop a reputation for being one of the top growing wine regions in the world.  Due to its proximity to the ocean and overall topography, the county has ideal soil for making a range of wine varieties.  Today, there are over 20 different wine regions that are spread throughout the country.  Today, one of the top wine regions in the country is Alentejo, which is located just east of Lisbon.  This area has many vacation rentals that are located write off of the top vineyards and wine distributors in the area.

City Life

Another reason to come to Portugal is to enjoy all that the bigger cities have to offer.  While there is plenty to do in the relaxing countryside, many people enjoy the shopping, dining, and nightlife that can be found in the busy city centers of Lisbon, Porto, and Amadora.  Each of these cities are full of condo rentals that are located just off the main city squares, which provide a visitor with immediate access to all that the cities have to offer.


Finally, someone that is looking for a relaxing getaway will also enjoy a day at the beach at Portugal.  The Grande Porto and Cavado regions are full of beautiful smooth beaches with crystal clear water.  If you are looking for a vacation rental by owner, these areas are also ideal due to the wide variety available.