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Consistently named as one of the top vacation destinations in America, a Sanibel Island resort trip takes you to one of the most spectacular barrier islands in the world. Legend has it that the famous explorer Ponce de Leon discovered Sanibel Island while searching for the Fountain of Youth. Even thought he never found the mystical source, rest assured that a Sanibel Island vacation rental would most certainly restore, renew and reinvigorate you and your family.

Discover History with a Sanibel Island Rental

From early Indian settlers to Spanish pirates, Sanibel Island resort is rich in history and your Sanibel Island vacation will allow you to explore a beautiful island landscape with a vibrant and storied past. As an early retreat for such early 20th Century industrialists as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, a Sanibel Island rental puts you in the company of some of history’s notable figures. Enjoy the same tropical breezes and white sandy beaches enjoyed by these early pioneers and share in their love of this secluded sanctuary, right near your very own luxurious condominium in Sanibel Island.

15 Miles of Unspoiled Beaches near Your Sanibel Island Condo Rental

Every vacation house in Sanibel Island and Sanibel Island condo is located near one of five  pristine public beaches—a combined 15 miles of unspoiled beaches in a tropical wonderland. Gulfside City Park, Tarpon Bay, Bowmans, Blind Pass and The Lighthouse are destination points for your Sanibel Island vacation, providing the luster of white sandy beaches and the inviting and soothing blue ocean waters. Here you can bask in the tropical sun, swim in the cool waters, gather unique and ornate seashells, or stroll along the majestic coastline. No matter where your Sanibel Island condo rental is located, you are always near some of the most scenic waters in Florida.

History and Nature Tours near Your Sanibel Island House Rental

Sanibel Island resort is also known for its vast recreational resources and selection of sporting activities. From biking to canoeing to tennis and kayaking, your Sanibel Island vacation rental provides plenty of fun activities for all members of your family. You can also get back to nature at the Jay Norwood Darling National Wildlife Refuge, a 6,354-acre home to 220 species of birds, more than 50 types of reptiles and more than 30 mammals. From birdwatching to canoe trails, nature’s wonder is just minutes away from your Sanibel Island house rental.

Sanibel Island Condo Rentals near Old Town and Tropical Tours

If you want to explore the legacy of Sanibel Island even further, Old Town Sanibel is located at the east end near the Sanibel Lighthouse. With an intimate village feel, Old Town Sanibel offers many shopping and dining options—a nice walking tour adjacent to your condominium in Sanibel Island or Sanibel Island house rental. You should also check out the guided walking tours at a nearby botanical garden. Filled with native and tropical species, the island’s botanical gardens offer a true delight for those who embrace Sanibel’s natural beauty.

Find a Foodie Paradise near Your Sanibel Island Condo

For those seeking a Florida “foodie” experience, your Sanibel Island condo or Sanibel Island house rental is in close proximity to an amazing selection of restaurant choices. From waterfront dining with stunning views of the island to internationally innovative culinary concepts, your Sanibel Island rental will help connect you with some of the most creative dining options in southwest Florida.

Discover Your Own “Fountain of Youth” at Your Vacation House in Sanibel Island

With an historic legacy, a careful preservation of its natural resources and some of the most phenomenal unspoiled beaches in the world, every vacation house in Sanibel Island as well as our luxurious condominiums in Sanibel Island will provide one of the most memorable and relaxing trips of a lifetime. There is no place quite like a Sanibel Island vacation rental and you will soon discover that the fountain of youth may not be a legend after all!