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Sweden Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Sweden from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

Sweden is not just known for cold weather. It is rich in history, food, and culture. Here are some reasons it is a good idea to get a vacation rental by owner in Sweden.

What and where to eat

If you are into sports, a great time to go to Sweden is during hockey season. The Canadians are the biggest rivals in Sweden. Any time a game is playing, you will find it at any bar. Enjoy fine Swedish beer while cheering for your favorite team.

Once enjoyed by the upper class in Sweden and Finland in the sixteenth century, the smörgåsbord is a culinary must for everyone who visits Sweden. One of the best that can be eaten in Sweden is Verandan. It is located in the Grand hotel, but people who have nearby condo rentals and house rentals can just stop in for the food. Enjoy the view of the bay while you eat fish, cheeses, and desserts from the buffet.


As far as shopping goes, nothing is more Swedish than Ikea. While you may not need to buy anything if you are just renting, it is great to just walk around and maybe buy souvenirs for back home. If you ever plan on buying a home in Sweden, it is another destination to find affordable furniture. Of course, no one can go to Ikea without having Swedish meatballs.


In June, the sun is always out in Sweden. The most popular event in Sweden, Midsummer, happens right before the Swedes all go on their holiday. Family and friends get together in the countryside. They begin the festival by picking flowers that they will put on their wreaths to be placed on the maypole. The kids enjoy dancing with their parents around the maypole once it is raised.

If you are a single girl or woman, make sure to pick seven flowers on your way home. Place them under your pillow, and your future husband is said to come to you in a dream. Midsummer is also a popular time to see an outdoor wedding.

Outdoor adventure

Besides Midsummer, Sweden offers a lot more in outdoor adventure. The northern lights can be seen from Abisko between November and March. Snowmobile and dog sledding tours are a great way to experience winter in Sweden.

Whether you are in Sweden for work or having an extended vacation in vacation rentals, there is much to offer in Sweden.