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Turks and Caicos Islands Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes, Condos, Cabins, Villas & Beach Houses in Turks and Caicos Islands from top rental companies and trusted homeowners.

The Turks & Caicos Islands are a group of islands owned by the United Kingdom and located in the Caribbean Sea.  The groups of tropical islands are only 240 square miles in size and the home to around 31,000 people.  While the year round population is not that high, it is an incredibly popular place for people to spend a vacation due to the warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of activities.  When you are visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands, there are several activities that you should take advantage of. 


One of the main reasons why people enjoy visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands is to enjoy the beaches.  The Turks & Caicos Islands are well known for having some of the nicest beaches and water in the world.  While you can spend time relaxing on the beach, you can also enjoy all of the marine activities that are available to you. This should include spending time either scuba diving or snorkeling so you can experience the vast marine life that is located just off of the beach.  When you are looking to enjoy a beach vacation, it would be beneficial to rent a vacation rental by owner.  These house and condo rentals will give you great beach access and also provide you with more space and luxury than other housing options. 

Wildlife Tours

Another activity that you should take advantage of when you are visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands is a tour of the wildlife on the island.  The Turks & Caicos Islands are the home to thousands of species of animals and birds that are not found anywhere else in the world.  You will have the opportunity to visit jungles and other areas of topography while learning more about the island history.  When you are looking to go on a wildlife tour, staying at one of the nearby house rentals will also ensure you are within a convenient distance of the tour starting spot. 

See the Town

When you are visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands you should also see the local towns.  The largest city in the islands is Providenciales.  This city is the home to about 25,000 people and provides you with a chance to see the local culture, enjoy a good meal, and do some shopping.  When spending time in the city, vacation rentals nearby could provide you with a great place to stay that is convenient and affordable.