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As far as some folks in Alabama are concerned, Tuscaloosa is the city of champions because it is the home of the University of Alabama. For those of you who don’t know, the University of Alabama has won the football national championship often, and decisively. The city has become known so well known nationally for the sports successes of the University of Alabama, particularly in football that the leaders of this fair city thought that it was only fitting that they call Tuscaloosa "The City of Champions”. Since they won the BCS National Championships in 2009, 2011, and again in their 2012 seasons, it seemed only fitting to be called a city of champions.  The Tide also won the College Football Playoff in the 2015 season and 2017 season. “Roll Tide!!!”

Vacationers, tourists and football fans flock to Tuscaloosa on weekend if there’s a home game from August to November. Many visitors and fans come for a week and some come for a weekend. At any rate, it is an experience that is unforgettable, should you choose to partake of the festivities.

Although Tuscaloosa is the fifth largest city in Alabama at a little over 100,000 residents, the feel that you get when you visit is one of a small town, a very large small town.  The heartbeat of downtown is University Boulevard, the main thoroughfare through downtown Tuscaloosa. When driving down this main street, you can’t help but  notice the many and varied types of retail establishments.  The walk from the Federal Courthouse to the Capitol gives you an idea about much of Tuscaloosa.  As you stroll along you will be impressed with number of eclectic, locally owned stores, be it a retail establishment, a restaurant, or bar; they are all full of welcoming locals eager to make you feel at home.

The Riverwalk is a paved trail along the southern bank of the Black Warrior River near downtown Tuscaloosa. The path is divided by a painted line making a distinct two way road for walkers and bikers.  The pathway has benches and gazebos for those who require a little rest while on this trek, and there are plenty of trees to rest under, or to have a picnic. The trail also provides a playground near the Public Library and a splash pad at the Bama Bell dock for the kids. The hike is approximately 4.5 miles, starting at Capitol Park on the western end and ending at a gazebo on the East side of Manderson Landing.

Tuscaloosa is a great city to visit. There are many things to do, lots of history, and a Southern genteelism that emanates from the very roots of the magnificent Oak trees. Come join us for a weekend or a week. You will have a good time, for sure.