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Right along the ocean is Virginia Beach, a classic beach town with great activities for both kids and adults. Famous for its boardwalk that runs alongside what the Guineas Book of World Records calls the longest recreational beach in the world, you can enjoy biking, running, roller skating or just strolling down this beachside boardwalk. With fabulous white sand beaches and great waves, enjoy swimming, surfing or beach volleyball during your Virginia Beach vacation. There are numerous Virginia beach resorts, Virginia Beach condo rentals, Virginia Beach house rentals, vacation houses in Virginia Beach and Virginia Beach condos making it easy to find the perfect Virginia Beach vacation rental or Virginia Beach rental for you and your family to stay in during your vacation. Enjoy a lovely beach vacation on the best beach town in Virginia.

 Attractions near Your Virginia Beach Rental

There are a variety of activities and attractions close by your Virginia Beach vacation rental. For a peaceful secluded spot head to Sandbridge Beach only a few minutes away from your condo in Virginia Beach or Virginia Beach house rental. Hear the gentle music of waves lapping at the shore and watch the reeds dance in the wind along the swelling sand dunes. One of the less crowded spots in Virginia Beach, this is the perfect place for a secluded afternoon. Choose a condo in Virginia Beach or vacation house in Virginia Beach near the Military Aviation Museum and learn about the history of our Military Aviation, with knowledgeable staff and interesting exhibits this is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon on a rainy day. Nature lovers will love the First Landing State Park with its more than 2,700 acre nature preserve. Dotted with cypress forests, estuaries and wetlands this is a haven to dozens of different species which you might be able to catch a glimpse of as you walk or hike through the nature trails. A Virginia Beach condo, Virginia Beach condo rental or Virginia Beach resort close by give you easy access to this magnificent spot.

Virginia Beach Rental Options

Virginia Beach offers lots of Virginia Beach vacation rentals for you to choose from during your stay here. Virginia Beach condo rentals, Virginia Beach condos and condos in Virginia Beach on the oceanfront offer incredible views of the endless water and close proximity to all the best attractions. For a more secluded vacation, choose a Virginia Beach house rental or vacation house in Virginia Beach a little bit further down the shore and enjoy secluded sands and peaceful mornings along the water. For an upscale Virginia Beach vacation experience, book a room at a luxurious Virginia Beach resort and enjoy being pampered and served as you relax in this beautiful area. With so much to see and do and experience you can be as busy or relaxed as you want during your stay here. Swim, surf, play volleyball, bask in the sunshine, eat at local restaurants,  enjoy local seafood and soak up the Virginia Beach culture as you and your family enjoy all that this great city has to offer.