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Virginia Vacation Rentals

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The oldest state in the nation, Virginia is rich in history as well as atmosphere. This beautiful place has it all, from rolling hills to mountain ranges, from water to wetlands, from big cities to rural towns, you will find everything you are looking for in Virginia. Home to eight United States presidents (including Washington and Jefferson) there are a wealth of historic sights here and a deep appreciation for our past. Enjoy strolling the streets of the cities or settling in to the laidback lifestyle of the small towns on the river as you relax and unwind in this lovely area. There are a variety of Virginia resorts, Virginia condo rentals, vacation houses in Virginia, Virginia resorts, condos in Virginia and Virginia condos, making it effortless to find the perfect Virginia vacation rental for you and your loved ones during your vacation. With so many things to see and do and experience, you can be as busy or relaxed as you like while on your Virginia vacation.

History near Your Virginia Rental

First settled in the 1600s by the Jamestown settlers, Virginia has a rich and beautiful history in the founding and building of America. Close by your Virginia house rental or Virginia condo are the houses of some of the most influential Founding Fathers, like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Tour these homes, stroll through the gardens and grounds and learn about what makes America truly great. Enjoy taking the kids to Colonial Williamsburg, a real life historic town, where they can experience colonial life first hand as you browse through 17th century shops and homes, with knowledgeable actors discover what life was like back then. Battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in Virginia and you can tour the battlefields or watch reenactments as you delve into America’s history.  Enjoy the rich, vibrant history Virginia offers close by your condo in Virginia or Virginia vacation rental.

Attractions near Your Virginia Rental

Virginia offers both city and country life. Choose a vacation house in Virginia or Virginia condo rental near Richmond for an upbeat city vacation. Enjoy shopping at local boutiques and funky stores, exploring malls and outlets or relaxing at a spa in a Virginia resort. Fine dining and funk dives can be found in the city, so whether you are seeking an upscale romantic evening for two or one of the best burgers you have ever had, Virginia has it all. Enjoy the rolling countryside of Charlottesville, where you can go apple picking in local orchards, or head to the coast for days on the beach enjoying the water and soaking up a little Virginia sunshine. Mountains to west are perfect for winter skiing vacations, while little towns nestled along the rivers and bays are ideal for a relaxing, small town summer vacations with local festivals and seafood. There are so many things to see and do in Virginia, from vineyards and orchards, to water skiing or snow skiing, to shopping and dining, to a little Southern hospitality, Virginia is the perfect place for your next vacation.

Virginia Rental Options

There are lots of different Virginia vacation rentals to choose from. Condos in Virginia and Virginia condo rentals are perfect for in the city or on the ocean. Enjoy easy access to all the attractions nearby your Virginia condo. Spacious Virginia resorts are the perfect place for pampering and relaxing as you bask in the Virginian way of life. If you want the privacy of a home all your own, choose a vacation house in Virginia or Virginia house rental for the space and privacy you desire. So whether you choose a Virginia house rental, condo in Virginia or Virginia resort you are sure to find the perfect place for you and your family to stay during your Virginia vacation. Delight in the deep history and culture Virginia offers, enjoy shopping, dining, touring and relaxing as you catch a glimpse of what makes Virginia so special.