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About Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge is steeped in Western folklore. From the times of the Pike’s Peak gold rush of 1859, settlers have been coming to this area looking for a second chance. The town of Breckenridge evolved from a trading camp supplying miners with necessities into a functioning township, and by 1880 Breckenridge was booming.

However, like most mining towns, Breckenridge slowly declined because the mines played out and the miners moved on, chasing the elusive gold bug. By 1960 the population had dwindled to 393. Fortunately the leaders of Breckenridge, led by Mr. Bill Rounds, were far sighted and had begun looking for a way to save the town. On December 16, 1961, the Peak 8 Ski Area open and it consisted of one double chair lift, a learners T-bar and several trails. Skiing as a tourist industry in Breckenridge has continued to grow from then until now.  The first year around 17,000 skiers visited Breckenridge, and it is projected to exceed two million by 2021, its 60th anniversary.

Don’t think that Breckenridge a vacation destination in the winter only. The warm weather months offer plenty of activities. Bear in mind that the humidity is practically nonexistent, and that the average high temperature only 70 degrees; this allows you to comfortably participate in outdoor activities without worrying about a heat stroke or some other medical emergency, if you feel like it.

Epic Discovery is one way to spend a day of outdoor activity in Breckenridge.  There are chair lift rides, zip lines, hiking trails, suspended bridge walks, and more. Peak 8 Basecamp is the first stop on the Epic Discovery journey. It’s located near the top of the BreckConnect Gondola and the base of the Colorado Superchair.

Although the mines have been closed for decades as a mining business, the ingenious owners of these abandoned throwbacks have converted them into tourist attractions. The roots for this industry reach back over 150 years, and to visit this vacation destination would not be complete unless you panned for gold. One of the gold mines is in the Fun Park at the base of Peak 8 and it is here that you get to swirl a little water in a tracer pan and see what you find. Afterwards you will want to take a mine tour at Country Boy Mine.

You'll have a fantastic time in your Breckenridge vacation rental. Take in the scenic Rockies in your very own Breckenridge house or enjoy one of the many ski lodges in your beautiful Breckenridge Condo.

Many physically fit vacationers to Breckenridge like to take a crack at scaling the four peaks surrounding the town. Most of these participants take a chair lift part of the way up and climb the rest of the way. One word of caution is to remember to bring lots of water, especially if you’re not accustomed to being over two miles above sea level.  If you are not aware, you can get into some pretty serious trouble.

Breckenridge, Colorado is a four season resort town and well worth the trip should you decide to visit. You absolutely will not be disappointed. Book your Breckenridge Vacation Rental today!

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