Vacation Rental Partnerships and Associations

Vacation Finder® is proud to work closely with many great vacation rental industry partners for the promotion of professional vacation rentals. We also support our industry by belonging to and supporting several organizations that promote vacation rentals either regionally or nationally.

Vacation Rental Industry Partnerships

Vacation Finder® works with the following companies to facilitate the transfer of data to® through their various APIs. This data allows professional vacation rental managers to promote their rentals on our site. If you would like to become a partner of Vacation Finder®, please contact us at [email protected].

Vacation Rental Channel Managers

Rentals United

Rentals United's mission is to allow anyone, anywhere, to start, automate, and grow a property rental business easily. Their cloud-based platform helps self-starting property owners and managers launch and establish their businesses, becomes an asset to large vacation rental management companies, and improves the industry eco-system through technology, innovation, and cooperation. Their vision is to automate the vacation rental industry by building the largest self-service marketplace accessible for everyone, everywhere!


Streamline comprises a team of dedicated and talented individuals who consistently prioritize innovation and the adoption of transformative technologies, all while upholding the highest ethical standards. Their unwavering commitment to customers is evident in the exceptional service they provide every day. Streamline is renowned for offering the most secure, innovative, and dependable software in the vacation rental and corporate housing sectors.

Promotional Organizations/Associations

Vacation Finder® strongly believes in supporting the industry we serve - professional vacation rentals. As such, we belong to several organizations that help promote the industry and provide education and support to their members.


FLORIDA VACATION RENTAL MANAGERS ASSOCIATION: For over 25 years, the Florida VRMA has been serving the Florida Vacation Rental Industry with the support it needs to grow throughout the state of Florida. Today, the Florida market represents the largest concentration of vacation rental homes, condos, and resort properties in the United States. Vacation rentals throughout Florida deliver over $31 billion dollar per year in economic impact to the state and local economies.


NORTHEAST VACATION RENTAL PROFESSIONALS: NEVRP provides support and leadership for the Maine vacation rental industry, as well as the rest of the Northeast, through effective collaborative influence in the marketplace while promoting professional standards for our members. One of our guiding principles is a promise to our guests to deliver quality service and value to the public.


NORTHWEST VACATION RENTAL PROFESSIONALS: The Standard in NorthWest Short-Term Vacation Rentals. Professional short-term managers and great vacation rentals don’t just happen—they are developed. The Northwest Vacation Rental Professionals (NWVRP) exists to serve its property owners, its short-term rental customers, and its communities to benefit all. Their mission is to empower and inspire members to provide world-class vacation experiences.


SMOKY MOUNTAIN VACATION LODGING ASSOCIATION: Smoky Mountain Vacation Lodging Association (SMVLA) is a membership-based organization for vacation lodging Services and other hospitality industry businesses throughout the Great Smoky Mountains and Tennessee.


VACATION RENTAL MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION: Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) provides best-in-class education, networking, and professional development opportunities to make a difference for you and your company. VRMA works worldwide on behalf of our manager and supplier members to advance the vacation rental industry through education, information, networking, research, and advocacy.


WASHINGTON STATE VACATION RENTAL MANAGERS: The growth of every industry is accelerated by those who share and cooperate for the benefit of all. That’s the goal of the Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association (WAVRMA). Started in 2004, they are a state registered Not-For-Profit trade association whose membership is open to one and all; those who support the continued growth of vacation rentals.