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About Orange Beach, Alabama

Discover the fun of an Orange Beach vacation with your friends and family. Orange Beach, Alabama is sandwiched between Wolf Bay to the north and the Gulf of Mexico to the south. As with many coastal towns, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in the sun, sand, and surf. Orange Beach resorts and Orange Beach vacation rentals are no exception. Sun worshipers will delight in the beautiful sunny weather. Reconnect with your family as you build castles in the white sugar sand and splash in the salty emerald waves, just steps from your Orange Beach condo rental or Orange Beach house rental. Those looking for a little adventure will surely enjoy a chartered fishing trip out to sea. With an Orange Beach condo or an Orange Beach rental, you can explore the nooks and crannies of the bay in a kayak or canoe. A condo in Orange Beach or a vacation house in Orange Beach is sure to be a blast for the entire family.

The Wharf at Orange Beach

The Wharf is where it’s happening! This is the main entertainment destination of people vacationing in an Orange Beach resort or and Orange Beach condo rental. You can enjoy premium shopping and delicious dining along Main Street, Wharf Parkway, and The Boardwalk at The Marina. Here there is a little something for everyone. While staying in an Orange Beach vacation rental, enjoy a concert performance at The Wharf Amphitheater or catch a movie at the Rave Movie Theater. Take an exhilarating ride on the tallest Ferris wheel in the southeast, at 112 feet tall. People of all ages can enjoy ice skating while vacationing in an Orange Beach rental or an Orange Beach condo during the winter season. Also located here at the Wharf is Arena the Next Level where you can participate in a wild game of laser tag or an exciting game of bazooka ball. There is never a shortage of things to do when staying in a condo in Orange Beach or a vacation house in Orange Beach.

Adventure Island

Just a short drive from your Orange Beach resort or your Orange Beach house rental is the ultimate in family fun at Adventure Island. You and your fun loving family will have a blast riding go-carts and bumper boats.  Play a competitive game of laser tag or miniature golf. Take a fun trip in the paddle boats. The little ones will love the excitement of the kiddie rides. And kids of all ages will enjoy a multitude of games in the arcade. There is no such thing as too much fun while vacationing in an Orange Beach rental or an Orange Beach condo.

Backcountry Trail Eco Tours

Tour the wild as you enjoy your Orange Beach vacation rental. Backcountry Trail Eco Tours will lead you on a thrilling journey through six different ecosystems. While on your journey, you will discover many native plants and local wildlife. Be sure to bring your camera because this is a photographer’s heaven. Those who wish to commune with nature will delight in a condo in Orange Beach or a vacation house in Orange Beach.

An Orange Beach vacation is great for people of all ages. There is so much to do and see while enjoying an Orange Beach condo rental or an Orange Beach house rental. Whether you are looking for a short getaway or a nice long vacation, Orange Beach, Alabama is the place to go.

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Lazy Daze house in Orange Beach at Summer Salt

Casa Del Marina Unit 111

Condo on bay with boat launch and multiple pools

Phoenix on the Bay II Unit 2302

Spacious condo on the bay, indoor & outdoor pool

Heron's Nest on Cotton Bayou

Dunrobin Cottage of Cotton Bayou

Bay Watch B4 Beach House

Bay condo on Cotton Bayou in Orange Beach

The Pass Unit 610

The Pass Unit 510

The Pass Unit 602

The Pass Unit 407

The Pass Unit 504

The Pass Unit 301

Phoenix Orange Beach II Unit 1505

Tidewater Unit 903

Tidewater Unit 208

Tidewater Unit 307

Phoenix 6 Unit 308

Phoenix 6 Unit 913

Phoenix 6 Unit 802

Phoenix 5 Unit 116

Phoenix 6 Unit 406

Phoenix 6 Unit 408

Phoenix 6 Unit 613

Phoenix 6 Unit 204

Phoenix 6 Unit 615

Phoenix 6 Unit 1206

Phoenix 6 Unit 811

Phoenix 6 Unit 1106

Phoenix 6 Unit 1109

Phoenix 6 Unit 1015

Phoenix 6 Unit 1209

Phoenix 6 Unit 1214

Phoenix 6 Unit 1415

Phoenix 6 Unit 806

Phoenix 6 Unit 502

Phoenix 6 Unit 111

Phoenix 6 Unit 504

Phoenix 6 Unit 1515

Phoenix 6 Unit 1003

Phoenix 6 Unit 114

Phoenix 6 Unit 813

Phoenix 6 Unit 1512

Phoenix 6 Unit 011

Phoenix 6 Unit 215

Phoenix 6 Unit 706

Phoenix 6 Unit 711

Phoenix VIII, beach & indoor, outdoor, kiddie pool

Phoenix 7 Unit 1509

Phoenix 7 Unit 111

Phoenix 7 Unit 215

Phoenix 7 Unit 1013

Phoenix 7 Unit 212

Phoenix 7 Unit 1411

Phoenix 7 Unit 1110

Phoenix 7 Unit 1014

Phoenix 7 Unit 016

Phoenix 7 Unit 817

Phoenix 7 Unit 301

Phoenix 7 Unit 1206

Phoenix 7 Unit 1210

Phoenix 7 Unit 1011

Phoenix 7 Unit 213

Phoenix 7 Unit 908

Phoenix 7 Unit 901

Delightful beachfront condo, indoor & outdoor pool

Cotton Bayou Unit 7F

Phoenix 7 Unit 409

Phoenix 8 Unit 1101

Phoenix 8 Unit 501

Turquoise Place Unit 802D

Turquoise Place Unit 1805D

Phoenix East Unit 604

Phoenix East Unit 508

Phoenix East Unit 910

Grand Pointe Unit 711

Grand Pointe Unit 610

Beachfront condo with wraparound balcony & pools

The Palms Unit 115

The Palms Unit 103

The Palms Unit 104

Grand Pointe Unit 506

Grand Pointe Unit 303

Ample corner unit on white sands in Orange Beach

Admirals Quarters Unit 1101

Four Seasons Unit 704E

Back Bay Unit 707

Ground floor condo with lush lawn and pool

Back Bay Unit 1106

Nice condo in the action of Orange Beach

Top floor condo at Grand Caribbean in Orange Beach

Attractive condo, pool & across from beach access

Condo directly across from beach & pool

Summerchase Unit 1001

Sensational water view condo with pools and marina

Caribe Resort Unit D1016

Caribe Resort Unit C211

Caribe Resort Unit C814

Caribe Resort Unit B603

The Enclave Unit 203

The Enclave Unit 1002

Sunswept Unit 808A

Updated beach front condo located in Orange Beach

Ground floor condo with balcony steps from pool

Beachfront condo on white sands, multiple pools

Summer House Unit 1106B

Summer House Unit 305A

Summer House Unit 602A

Summer House Unit 105B

Summer House Unit 1505A

Bluewater Unit 204

Bluewater Unit 1004

Bluewater Unit 1005

Pelican Pointe Unit 401

Pelican Pointe Unit 1206

Gorgeous Penthouse Beach Front in Orange Beach

Stunning corner unit in Orange Beach outdoor pool

Pelican Pointe Unit 201

Pelican Pointe Unit 1006

Windward Pointe Unit 901

Lei Lani Unit 201T

Windward Pointe Unit 1004

Shoalwater Unit 904

Shoalwater Unit 105

Shoalwater Unit 106

Shoalwater Unit 1206

Exceptional condo directly on beach with pool

Portside Unit 308

Portside Unit 302

Seascape Unit 301

Jubilee Landing condo in heart of Orange Beach

Jubilee Landing Unit 303

Walk out to beach, ground floor unit with pool

Tradewinds Unit 608

Spectacular views on beach, indoor & outdoor pool

Wonderful beachfront, indoor & outdoor pool tennis

Spectacular views on sands of Orange Beach

Gorgeous ground floor unit with pools & white sand

Tranquil condo with multiple pools on white sands

Four Bedroom at Summer Salt - Sea Charm

Phoenix 5 Unit 112

Phoenix 5 Unit 315

Phoenix 5 Unit 612

Phoenix 5 Unit 710

Phoenix 5 Unit 804

Phoenix 5 Unit 101

Phoenix 5 Unit 1006

Phoenix 5 Unit 1514

Phoenix 5 Unit 302

Phoenix 5 Unit 1014

Phoenix 5 Unit 1004

Phoenix 5 Unit 705

Phoenix 5 Unit 1504

Phoenix 5 Unit 506

Phoenix 5 Unit 1416

Phoenix 5 Unit 1016

Phoenix 5 Unit 1109

Phoenix 5 Unit 317

Summer Salt Escape

Large two bedroom condo overlooking the Gulf

Regency Isle Unit 307

Phoenix 2 Unit 2111

Phoenix 3 Unit 159

Phoenix 9 Unit 402

Phoenix 9 Unit 1206

Phoenix 2 Unit 2066

Phoenix 1 Unit 1101

Four Winds Unit 303

Escapes To The Shores Unit 1305

The Wharf Unit 423

Romar Place Unit 106

Romar Place Unit 103

Romar Place Unit 104

Romar Place Unit 405

Romar Place Unit 302

Romar Place Unit 102

Romar Place Unit 904

Romar Place Unit 303

Romar Place Unit 1004

Sixth floor balcony in Orange Beach

Phoenix 10 Unit 817

Beach condo on the white sands of Orange Beach

Phoenix 10 Unit 1514

Phoenix 10 Unit 1109

Phoenix 10 Unit 1408

Hammock Dunes Unit K

Spanish Key Unit 507

Spanish Key Unit 104

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Needle Rush Point Unit B16

Needle Rush Point Unit D32

Needle Rush Point Unit F23

Needle Rush Point Unit G14

Needle Rush Point Unit G34

Needle Rush Point Unit B33

Needle Rush Point Unit C14

Needle Rush Point Unit B24

Needle Rush Point Unit E11

Needle Rush Point Unit E34

Needle Rush Point Unit C26

Needle Rush Point Unit C35

Needle Rush Point Unit C15

Needle Rush Point Unit B21

Needle Rush Point Unit G21

Needle Rush Point Unit B13

Needle Rush Point Unit A34

Needle Rush Point Unit A25

Needle Rush Point Unit A15

Needle Rush Point Unit A24

Needle Rush Point Unit G23

Needle Rush Point Unit D33

Phoenix West II Unit 3007

Phoenix West II Unit 803

Phoenix West II Unit 602

Phoenix West II Unit 906

Phoenix West II Unit 2111

Phoenix West II Unit 505

Phoenix West II Unit 2114

Phoenix West II Unit 2806

Phoenix West II Unit 1207

Sea Fever at Beachside

Shipwatch Unit E603

Shipwatch Unit E505

Shipwatch Unit E904

Beachfront condo with indoor and outdoor pool

Charming condo on beach, indoor & outdoor pool

Romar Beach Unit 301

Family-Friendly Studio Condo at Sugar Beach

Roomy loft condo on the sands of Orange Beach

Palm Beach Resort Unit 15B

Palm Beach Resort Unit A55

Great home on the emerald waters of Orange Beach

Ground floor condo with a nice pool complex

Comfortable two bedroom condo in Gulf Shores

Tranquil condo with pool, fitness center, tennis

Cottages at Dunes Park Unit G

Grand Beach Resort Unit 402

Royal Palms Unit 906

Royal Palms Unit 1205

La Conchita

The Colonnades Unit 403

Clearwater Unit 8B

Clearwater Unit 1D

Cottages of Romeo Beach Unit 1

Fourth floor condo with amazing gulf views

Gorgeous views on beach, outdoor & indoor pools

Lighthouse Unit 402

Sugar Sands

Adorable condo on the whites sands of Gulf Shores

Beach Nook

Byron's Beach House

The Beach House on 1st Avenue

Penthouse with panoramic view of Gulf Shores

Splendid condo on sands of Gulf Shores with pools


Pipedream East Unit A

Pipedream West Unit B

San Carlos Unit 902

Beachfront condo in the heart of Gulf Shores

Renovated Beach front condo with stunning views

Pet-friendly condo walking distance to The Hangout

Regatta Unit 201C

The Sunkiss Beach House

Get Lost Beach House

Island Winds East Unit 401

Island Winds East Unit 402

Island Winds East Unit 407

Island Winds East Unit 803

Island Winds East Unit 506

Island Winds East Unit 110

Island Winds West Unit 880

Island Winds West Unit 673

Island Winds West Unit 580

Island Winds West Unit 175

Island Tower Unit 1403

Buena Vista Unit 304

The Sands Unit 102

Adorable condo walking distance to The Hangout

Condo walking distance to beach with two pools

Serene condo on the beach with pool & covered deck

Phoenix Gulf Shores Unit 1702

Updated condo in Fort Morgan, boat slip and pool

Gulf front, 4th floor condo at Sea Glass

Second floor condo at Sea Glass in Gulf Shores

Cozy condo with pool and walk to area attractions

Palacio Unit 1806

Palacio Unit 1702

Palacio Unit 1402

Palacio Penthouse Unit 1901

Palacio Unit 804

Crystal Shores Unit 606

Crystal Shores Unit 901

Crystal Shores Unit 1205

Crystal Shores Unit 1107

Splendid condo walk to beach & outdoor pool

Pleasant condo with pool and short walk to beach

Amazing 7th floors views from Crystal Shores West

Crystal Shores West Unit 1402

Crystal Shores West Unit 701

Crystal Shores West Unit 705

Indigo Unit 1403E

Gulf front condo with unobstructed views

Ocean Pearl

Impressive condo across from beach with pool

Ocean House 1 Unit 1504

Ocean House 1 Unit 1304

SailHouse-East, Pet friendly duplex in Gulf Shores

SailHouse-West, Pet friendly duplex in Gulf Shores

Pet friendly duplex on Little Lagoon, fishing pier

The Blue Heron

Peaceful condo in Gulf Shores with outdoor pool

Ground floor condo walking distance to the Beach

Sensational views, across from the beach

Edgewater West Unit 85

Crystal Tower Unit 908

Crystal Tower Unit 1301

Crystal Tower Unit 1508

Gulf Village Unit 109

Beachfront condo with sunroom & outdoor pool

Luxurious Pelican Place Cottage in Gulf Shores

Sunrise Beach House

Spyglass Unit 104B

Spyglass Unit 105B

Super Cute With Deeded Beach Access (#26) - Sleeps 5

Direct Gulf Views with Deeded Beach Access (#17) - Sleeps 7

Beautiful Views And Just Steps To The Beach (#38) - Sleeps 7

Cozy Condo Just Steps To The Beach, Unit 2 - Sleeps 4

Land's End of Perdido Key Unit 101

Pet friendly condo in Gulf Shores, outdoor pool

Cozy condo on the white sand beach with pool

The Beach is Only Steps Away (F2) BEACHFRONT - Sleeps 8

Beautiful 3 Bedroom BEACHFRONT Condo (F3) - Sleeps 10

Gulf Front and Just Steps To The Sand (F1) - Sleeps 8

Beachside condo with heated pool

Beachside Getaway Steps from Beach

Large waterfront duplex in Gulf Shores, Pet friend

South Floor, pet-friendly duplex on Little Lagoon

North Floor, pet-friendly duplex on Little Lagoon

Coastal Dreams

Nice beach house with private pool, pet friendly

Renovated condo across from beach in Gulf Shores

Compass Point Unit 208

Compass Point Unit 610

Sanibel Unit 402

Beach house with views of Little Lagoon

Turtle Tracks Beach House #2

Gulf Shores Surf & Racquet Club Unit 503B

Coastal beach condo right across from beach

One bedroom Gulf Shores condo with beach access

Del Sol Beach House

Phoenix Gulf Towers Unit 802

Patty House

Updated condo at Gulf Shores Plantation

Condo in Fort Morgan with pools and hot tubs

Peaceful cottage in Fort Morgan with beach access

Delightful beach cottage in Fort Morgan with pool

Charming cottage in Fort Morgan, pool and hot tub

Peaceful Rookery Cottage sleeping 10

D Street Retreat

Peaceful house walking distance to sandy beach

Bayfront spacious condo, steps to white sands

Bayside condo with outdoor pools & hot tub

Waterfront condo on the 2nd floor on the bay

Emerald Dolphin Unit 540

The Morgan an updated two bedroom vacation home